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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Get Money and Stuff with Facebook

Hello friends, I am Rajesh from Maharastra (INDIA). Are you wasting your time sitting at your homes, want to earn money, stuff and much more just be dedicated, hard working and follow me so that i can instruct you and give a path in your life, roaming and having fun. Here i bring you oppurtunity to earn some money in leisure time.
Let's Begin..
1. I hope all of us are familiar with facebook taking up from a child to old aged people. Facebook pages are created by almost companies from small to large scale, such as Blackberry, Samsung, Ranbaxy volini, Mountain Dew, Wrangler, Samsung, Nokia, Airtel, Benz, Huawei etc....  these companies conduct contests, promotions, giveaways on their facebook page and make their page and company get fame and promoted. If the company is conducting any contests, promotions or giveaways you need to participate in that and do the task said by the company to win.
2. These companies that i said in the pointer 1 are just examples to make you get understand. You can search for any company that you wish in the facebook search bar and see for any promtions, giveaways or contests are conducted by them.
3. Question that comes into your mind? What does the companies give to people?
 In order to promote their companies the company will give their products to the winners or the participants who showed interest in their facebook page. Here i give some examples- The winner may get a tshirt/jeans  from a company like wrangler/levis/pepe etc.. or bike from Mountain dew or Slice mangoe juice bottles from slice company.
4. It's mandatory to read Terms & Conditions (T&C) of the respective company to get the procedure that is to be followed on their page.

This process is followed up by each and every country in the world like India, United states of America, Canada, Europe, Africa etc...

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